Everyone has data. We just ask the right questions to extract the answers.


Everyone has goal. We just plan the milestones to get there.


Everyone has energy. We just channel it towards the milestones.


Everyone has product. We just bring it to the targeted consumer.

Who we are

Zero Billion is an organization with a vision, a vision to revolutionize today’s business dynamics to keep them at par with the technological boom of the 21st century. Since its conception in 2012, Zero Billion has had a unique perspective on the zeitgeist of today’s globalization. We believe that Internet has revolved itself and is now becoming better, faster and more accessible, so becoming a basic need in these times of innovation. With over 4 Billion handheld devices sold till now connectivity and collaboration is like oxygen for an average human.

With the whole world now connected, our idea is to use Apps as a change agent and catalyst for engineering, organizing and optimizing business solutions. We achieve this by bridging the GAP between the Doers and the Thinkers; we provide the marketing services to start-ups and development houses and render the best fit solutions to enterprises and consumers. Our deep understanding of online and offline business and our strong technical and innovative reach help us in being best at what we do i-e

“Making your life easier”

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Our Offices:

Arfa Software Technology Park


+92 423 597 2017

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Both iOS and Android have localized app stores for each country and so does the Windows phone store but the problem is, you don’t get notified if someone leaves you a rating and review. Consider this; with 200 countries in the list of Windows phone store, your app gets published over 200 different websites and you’re probably keeping track of the US or UK store only (I’m considering your app language is English). Now if someone leaves you a rating over French site or over any other among the rest of 198 sites, you’ll never know. I have a recent experience of this situation. I’m working with[...]

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Developing a great mobile app is of no use unless it gets in the hands of the right people. Every iOS app require reviews. These are not the Apple app store reviews, though app store reviews are the most vital ones for any app's success, these are the reviews of your app done by independent tech bloggers, who are really very keen in exploring new apps and sharing their experience with other mobile phone users. These bloggers usually have a large following of iPhone & iPad users and if some of them review your app, you've hit the first round of your app marketing success! Below is a list[...]