Finding App Reviews on Windows Phone Store

  • 25 Feb

Both iOS and Android have localized app stores for each country and so does the Windows phone store but the problem is, you don’t get notified if someone leaves you a rating and review. Consider this; with 200 countries in the list of Windows phone store, your app gets published over 200 different websites and you’re probably keeping track of the US or UK store only (I’m considering your app language is English). Now if someone leaves you a rating over French site or over any other among the rest of 198 sites, you’ll never know.

I have a recent experience of this situation. I’m working with IOLogics Ltd, a UK based mobile app development agency, as their mobile apps marketing consultant and about a month back, we launched a taxi booking app, Euro Taxi, for Windows phone. We were having good traction and Euro Taxi started to appear in Windows phone store search results for all taxi booking keywords. It was getting downloaded but we were not getting any rating or reviews.

We were getting tech blog reviews but not the Windows store reviews. After a week, we started to ponder upon why we’re not getting ratings over Windows phone store.  Euro Taxi had got featured over, an Italian tech blog & we were thinking that Windows phone users from Italy should be using it. And if they’re using it, they should have left some ratings. We had the app store listing page of Euro Taxi opened up in front of us but there was not a single review.

Sort of frustrated, I googled ‘Windows phone store for Italy’ and opened up Euro Taxi’s listing over Italian app store. We had a lot of ratings and reviews over the Italian store and so we got to know why there were no ratings for Euro Taxi over the UK or US store.

Your app’s global rating doesn’t consolidate over one single app listing page. You’ve to track all 200 localized app stores for Windows phone if you’ve published your app for all the countries. In other words, you can simply consider that you’ve published 200 apps over Windows phone store and you’ve to track all of them.

From this experience with Euro Taxi, we’ve at least learned two things:

  • If your Windows phone app language is English, consider publishing it over the English speaking countries store only
  • If you’re having traction, get it translated in other languages and only then make it available in those countries

edited:- Finally, i found the URL to Windows Phone Markets.

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